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Booting Your Own Kernel on Raspberry Pi via Uart

For the last few weeks, I’ve been reading a great book about building your own operating system for a Raspberry Pi from scratch. It has been a great experience, and I’ve learned a lot. One thing I didn’t like was my development workflow, which looked like this: Make a code change. Build the change. Unplug the Raspberry Pi. Remove the SD card. Plug the SD card to my laptop. Read more →

SaaS Like Isolation in Django Rest Framework

Hi there! In this post, we talk about how to add SaaS-like isolation to a Django Rest Framework service without bringing in third-party libraries. First, let’s start with why? I wanted to learn how to use Django Rest Framework by building a small SaaS service. I started googling to see if there were any resources available. Most of them suggested to use a third-party library such as Django Organizations, Django tenant schemas or use DB namespaces, all of which are only compatible with Postgres. Read more →

Serve Your Current Directory With Python and HTTP

This is going to be a short post showing how to run an HTTP server to serve your current working directory. TLDR For Python 3 run: python3 -m http.server For Python 2 run: python -m SimpleHTTPServer .bashrc alias: alias serve="python3 -m http.server" Explanation Sometimes at work, I’ve had the need to spin up a quick HTTP server to serve my current working directory. I usually need this for two use cases: Read more →